1. Searching

From the recording Rivers, Roads and Sky

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Part 3 of a 5 song story - the fugitive's inner dialogue


Thought you saw something by the side of the road
Mist rolling in from the coast
A clue or a message written in stone
Some kind of signpost?
Wind starts to blow
A hint of snow
Do you want to even the score?
You don't even know
How far you need to go
To find what you're searching for

Tonight's new moon makes it easy to hide
A fugitive some people say
Always discrete, but you've run out of time
Got to make your own way
Keep moving although
You have nothing to show
Should you expect something more?
Couldn't say "no"
So you travel alone
To find what you're searching for

In your dreams did you see hounds on your trail?
You could just turn yourself in
You don't have a friend to put up your bail
You know that you can't win
What's round that bend?
Is it the end?
Keep your ear to the floor
Think you can rebuild
Are you for real?
Do you know what you're searching for?
Police closing in
But you need time to think
Is escape what you're searching for?

Tired and drawn
But you'll never conform
What were you searching for?