1. Broken Feather

From the recording Rivers, Roads and Sky

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Broken Feather

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Part 4 of a 5 song story in which an encounter with nature points a way forward (or possibly backward) for the fugitive...featuring Brad Snelling on Piano and keyboards


A broken feather falling
Although the bird's still soaring
This weather beaten walling
Fallen down, but somehow
Sheltering me

Those distant voices calling
Too loud for this quiet morning
Reminds me of you talking
Enthralling the crowd
Who were too blind to see

These memories are sprawling
Some fixed, others forming
A few that sound out warnings
Crawling around my head, yet somehow
Comforting me

This path of light starts rising
And no doubt holds some surprises
See that lone eagle flying?
Circling around so high, not feeling
Threatened by me

A broken feather falling